Testosterone: The next chapter of my journey

One of my wonderful genderqueer friends is starting out on their HRT adventure. Please go read their posts since they are far more eloquent than I am and explain the non binary reality so very well.

life writ large

So I’m going to take testosterone in the next step of my journey. My soul knows that this is the right thing – it feels like a puzzle piece finally fitting into place, so I am not writing this post to justify this to anyone, ask permission or to demandyour acceptance or support. I am writing this so that it’s out there and I can begin to live my truth. I’m frankly exhausted at having to come out to everyone over the last three weeks and just want to get on with actually just living my truth instead of having to explain it… I am also writing this for those of you who are vested in my journey as close friends who have questions, for those of you who are interested, but mostly for those of you who are on similar journeys. Because there is so very desperately little out…

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