Resources and Support

Triangle Project LGBTI+ HELPLINE: Call on 021 712 6699 and they’ll call you back! Open every day of the year from 1pm to 9pm.

Facebook Community Pages:

CtrlAltGender – Trans* Community & Support Group. ALL genders & gender non-conforming welcome. There isn’t a right way to be trans*.

GenderQueer/GenderFluid SA – For anyone living in South Africa who is gender non-conforming (genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, etc) and needs a safe space to explore their identity.

Trans*men South Africa – The group is open to anyone who supports or falls within the Trans*men / gender nonconforming spectrum.

Triangle Safe Spaces

Support Groups:

CtrlAltGender – Johannesburg and Pretoria, message the group admin for the location of the next meeting

Triangle Project – Mowbray, Cape Town

Trans* Community and Support Group – Norwood, Johannesburg

Support for families of LGBTI+ people:

PFLAG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Through this website we want to create a medium for communities and individuals to communicate and education organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, their families, friends and allies.


GALA – GALA was set up to address the erasure of the representation of the stories and experiences of LGBTI people from official archives, histories and other spaces in Africa. COMMUNITY LIBRARY and education

GenderDynamix – Gender DynamiX is the first African based organisation solely focusing on the transgender community and  provides resources, information and support to trans folks, their partners, family employers and the public. – Creating meaningful space for Queer Activism. Iranti-org is a queer human rights visual media organization based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Iranti-org works within a human rights framework as its foundational platform for raising issues on Gender, Identities and Sexuality.

The Triangle ProjectOffering a wide range of services to the LGBTI community. These include a variety of health services, such as sexual health clinics, counselling, support groups, a helpline, public education and training services, community outreach and a library.

OUT – OUT provides direct health services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community including HIV testing, counselling, treatment and general lifestyle advice and support

SWEAT – The Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) is South Africa’s leading sex worker human rights organisation.

S.H.E. Transfeminists (East London) – For us at S.H.E, trans* feminism is more than aligning the transgender movement to the feminist movement in Africa. We are pioneering an African trans* feminist movement aimed at inclusion. We are not hoping to reinvent feminism; instead we are seeking to expand feminism to recognise the problems of African trans and intersex women within the feminist sphere.

Transgender and Intersex Africa – Transgender and Intersex Africa (TIA) is an organisation founded in 2010 by African transgender individuals to focus on transgender and intersex issues in previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa, such as townships and rural areas

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