What is ‘transgender’?

life writ large

I’ve been asked by a friend to ‘explain’ transgender for when she has to stand up against transphobic assholes online. It’s testament to how complex, and diverse, trans* experience and identity is that I as a trans* and gender activist, and a trans* person myself, took two days to formulate a response, which will always be a draft and never a final version. But it may help clarify some things that I know my non-trans* friends struggle with.
I’ve taken a while to respond because this is not an easy question. I’ve also taken a while because the responses so far perpetuate misperceptions that hurt the trans* community.
Trans people don’t change their gender, they make changes to affirm the gender they are and always have been.
There is no such thing as a verifiable biological sex: when last did you have your sex scientifically verified? And if we all…

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